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Just outside of Yogjakarta there are several famous temples (and a church shaped like a chicken). It is possible to do Prambanan and Borobudur in a single day but considering the size of the temple complexes, it's better to do each separately.

Prambanan is very close to the city and can easily be reached by bus (or taxi). 

Prambanan temple

Prambanan is a Hindu temple constructed in the 9th Century. It was destroyed by a volcanic eruption and largely forgotten until re- discovered by the Dutch in the 19th century. It's been under reconstruction ever since.
Buddhist temple in the Prambanan complex

The complex consisted of up to 200 buildings, of which about 20 have been reconstructed. The three main temples have been fully reconstructed - the temples of Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma and facing these are the temples dedicated to the animals that serve them: the Eagle (Garuda), the Bull (Nandi) and Swan (Hamsa).

Within these temples are impressive statues of each of the Gods.

Statue of Vishnu

Statue of Ganesh

And the animals


And around the temple are impressive carvings depicting Hindu stories.
Temple carvings

The complex is impressive in its sheer size and number of buildings.

Prambanan at sunset

Including some contemporary Buddhist temples on the outskirts of the complex.

I would recommend at least 4 hours to enjoy the whole complex, especially since the tourist price for entry was around $A35.

That gives you enough time to enjoy the sunset

And make it back to Yogjakarta for its eclectic Nightlife.
Classic rock, Yogjakarta style

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