Friday, November 20, 2015

A rocky start to adventures in Spain

View from the apartment window, Madrid.
When I arrived in Madrid last week, I thought that I had managed to survive 26 hours travel without too much mishap - however, in the days that followed: terrible jetjag coupled with terrible gastro made the brief trip to Madrid a sightseeing tour of the apartment and the pharmacy at the end of the street.

There was one day not punctuated by illness that enabled some wandering around Madrid's sights, and thankfully the Weather Gods were extremely kind.

The Plaza Mayor was built during the 16th century and is one of Madrid's famous landmarks - architecturally it's beautiful surrounded by buildings of the period. However, being a famous landmark it was also inhabited by enormous tour groups and clichéd "buskers" hustling for a euro or two which ruined the ambiance somewhat.

Plaza Mayor
Phillip III statue in Plaza Mayor
From the Plaza Mayor it was a short walk to the very beautiful (and for some reason less touristy) Royal palace.

The Palace
Palace gardens
Although this brief stay in Madrid was cut very short by illness, at least the weather was good enough for walking this small part of the city.

Thankfully, I intend to be back in December.

Atocha Station
Farewell Madrid.... For now

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