Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Miraflores and Barranco, Lima

Miraflores Lighthouse

Miraflores is a suburb of Lima close to the coast. It is an extremely affluent suburb, totally different to the rest of the city with a large population of expats and tourists. I had it described to me by an expat as a "bubble" in Lima.

The suburb boasts beautiful parks along the top of the cliffs overlooking the ocean. A bike path and walkway follow the entire length of the coast. 

The bike path

The trail passes many different parks with beautiful well kept gardens with spectacular views of the coast.

The coastline from one of the parks

There are also many good restaurants along the trail offering fresh seafood and, of course, cerviche.


Further back from the coastline, close to where Miraflores becomes the suburb of San Isidro, is the archaeological site of Huaca Pucllana. These pre-inca ruins are situated of a well maintained hill in the middle of Miraflores' residential area.

Miraflores from the top of Huaca Pucllana

The complex is enormous and consists of handmade bricks forming a giant pyramid and other structures around the site.

The pyramid showing the individual adobes (bricks)

The site was used for religious ceremonies, including human sacrifice.

The "courtyard" under which were buried over 20 young girls who were sacrificed

Later peoples used the site to bury their warriors.

A replica of the mummies that were buried here

Next to the site is a fine dining restaurant, with an outdoor area that gives diners a view of Huaca Pucllana lit up at night,

Huaca Pucllana at night

as well as a fine dining take on traditional foods.

Llama, fine dining style

In contrast to the somewhat posh nature of Miraflores, further down the coast is the much more hipster suburb of Barranco.

It must be hipster, it has its own craft brewery

Here can be found many backpacker hostels and bars alongside many cheap and cheerful restaurants. Many students and artists live in Barranco, so it has a thriving arts scene.

Public sculpture in Barranco

Including murals

A mural on the path to the beach

And street art.

Street art in Barranco

Street art on an underpass

From Barranco you can also access the beach via a walkway lined with hostels and restaurants.

The walkway to the beach

The beach at Barranco from the walkway

The suburbs of Miraflores and Barranco are extremely different from each other (despite being next to each other) in their style, however despite appearances they are not at all like other parts of Lima as they both are quite affluent and touristy. However despite this, both suburbs have their own points of interest that make them a unique experience in Lima.

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