Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Copacobana and Isla del Sol

Lake Titicaca

Copacabana is a small town on the shores of Lake Titicaca about a 4 hour bus ride from La Paz. The bus ride is relatively unexciting until you reach the shores of the lake where you have to cross. Years ago you just stayed on the bus while it was ferried across but after several fatal accidents you now have to cross separately in a motor boat while you watch the bus being ferried.

Bus on the ferry

The bus disembarking

After the ferry it's only a short drive to the picturesque town of Copacobana on the opposite shore of the lake.

Statues in front of the lake

The town itself is surrounded by hills from which you can get sweeping views of the city and lake.

On one side is Cerro Calvario 
Copacobana from the hill

Lake Titicaca

And on the other is La Hora del Inca - a steep hill with some Inca ruins at the top.

Puerta del Sol ruins

Copacobana from the Puerta del Sol

Along the lakeside there are a series of bars and restaurants from which you can enjoy the beautiful sunsets over the lake.


Copacobana is also the port from which you can explore the Isla del Sol - an important Inca archaeological site.

The trip takes around 3 hrs from Copacobana to the south part of the island.

Isla del Sol from the boat

From there you can walk the 3hrs to the North and take a boat back from there.

The walk takes you past picturesque beaches.

Beach from the trail

And bays

One of the many bays

Until you reach the Inca ruins.

Stone table

Door to the ruins

The sacred spring

The bay from the ruins

The walls then takes you up to the top of the island where the first of many payment checkpoints can be found. Each of these points needs a payment of between 5 and 10Bs ($AUD1-2).

The trail up

The trail leads along the top ridge of the island giving beautiful views of the lake
A bay from the trail

Looking back to the port

One of the tiny settlements on the island

And some local wildlife

A hawk

Before finally descending to the northern port.

A bay close to the port

The port

To take the boat back to Copacabana In time for sunset.

Sunset over the lake

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