Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The beaches of Northern Perú

Sunset at Mancora beach

Along the North coast of Perú are several beach towns where you can relax and enjoy swimming in the pacific.

The main town in this region is Piura. This town isn't on the coast but it boasts some interesting colonial architecture in its Plaza de Armas.

The Cathedral in Piura

Inside the Cathedral

Close by is the small town of Catacos which has a large, vibrant market which is worth traveling to 

Catacos market

The Cathedral at Catacos

Also close by to Piura is the beaches of Paita, which is a very nice place to chill out on the beach.

Paita beach

The nicer beach further down the coast

However, further up the coast is the town of Mancora which has many beaches close to the town. There's not a lot in the town itself, but it's more than made up for by its beaches. This was my last stop in Perú and a relaxing place to end my journey through the country.

Sunset at Mancora beach

Another beautiful sunset for my last night in Peru

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