Thursday, October 20, 2016

Trekking in Parque Tayrona

Beach at Tayrona Park

The Tayrona national park is around an hour by bus from Santa Marta. The bus drops you off at the entrance to the park where you must pay the entrance fee of $COP16,000 (about $A8). From here you can take a $COP3000 ($A1.50) minibus to the trail into the park. 

The trail takes about 1.5hrs over fairly flat terrain to reach the campsite.

View from the trail

At the campsite you can hire a tent for $COP25,000 ($A12.50).

The campsite

The campsite is right on the beach where you can swim

Swimming at the beach

Watch the local wildlife



And enjoy the sunset with a quiet beer from the overpriced restaurant on site.

Sunset over the beach

There are several walking trails near the campsite - one leads high into the surrounding hills to an archaeological site.

This trek is very steep and difficult in the hot sun as much if it is exposed.

The trail

View from the top of the trail

Once the trail reaches the top of the hill it descends into a small valley where there are several ruins.

The ruins

And reconstructed buildings.

Reconstructed buildings

The entire trip takes a good part of the day so there's time to make it back to the beach for another stunning sunset.


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