Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Rio Claro river reserve

Río Claro

Río Claro reserve is around four hours drive from Medellin and is a popular destination for locals to enjoy rafting, caving and trekking through the reserve.

There is a hostal within the reserve which is economical and allows you to stay close to all the attractions in the park.

There is an easy trail from near the hostal restaurant that follows the river.

The river from the trail

The trail winds past limestone formations

A cave on the trail

and along the river.

Río Claro

Another part of Río Claro

And I was lucky enough to spot a diamond backed viper - one of the most poisonous snakes in Colombia.

Well camouflaged Diamond backed Viper

Also along the trail are several caves which can be explored with a guide from the hotel ($A10).

The cave exit accross the river

The trail to the entrance to the caves is a long and steep trail through the jungle to the entrance.

The cave entrance

The cave itself is a long underground trail with sections that require swimming.

Walking through the cave

And the exit of the cave requires swimming back accross the river after climbing down from the cave.

The cave exit

Another popular tour to do in Rio Claro is to take a raft down the river.


There is a small amount of whitewater but it is not overly challenging.

Small whitewater

The river flows past many limestone formations


More limestone caverns

And plenty of opportunities to swim.

A swimming hole

Before heading back down a calm, scenic section of the river to to pickup point back to the hotel.

Rio Claro

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