Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bogota - Colombia's Capital

Simon Bolivar Plaza

Bogota is the largest city in Colombia and like all big South American cities it is a mix of the modern and colonial. The centre of the city consists of modern office buildings surrounding the historic candalaria barrio. 

A street in La Candalaria

And the main square 

Simon Bolivar plaza

Which is surrounded by various government buildings 

Government building

And the cathedral 

The Bogota Cathedral

Inside the Cathedral

Another view inside the Cathedral

In the streets around the square there are more historic buildings, such as the Iglesia de candalaria 

Iglesia de la Candelaria

And the colegio salesiano

Colegio Salesiano

amongst many others.

On the weekends, the main streets are closed in the centre of Bogota for markets and bike riding. Locals all come out to enjoy a ride or a skate and the bands and other entertainment in the street.

Street entertainment

Overlooking Bogota is the mountain of Monserrate which is easily reached by the teleferico or a funicular. On the weekends it is extremely busy and wait times can be very long. 

From the top there are sweeping views of the city.

Bogota from Monserrate

Also on top of Monserrate is the Basilica de santuario del señor de Monserrate which attracts many worshipers to the Sunday services.

The Basilica

Inside the Basilica

One of the chapels

There are also several touristy restaurants on Monserrate 

Looking down from the Basilica

But it's much better to go to one of the hipster bars back in la Candelaria to catch some live music.

Live band at "El Gato Gris"

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