Saturday, January 14, 2017

The salt cathedral of Zipaquirá

A sculpture in the salt Cathedral

Zipaquirá is a small town about an hour by bus from Bogotá. 

Zipaquirá plaza

The town is known for its salt mine which has been converted into a working Cathedral by the miners.

The entrance to the mine

The Cathedral also contains many sandstone and salt sculptures in the various chapels carved into the walls of the mine.

A chapel

Religious scenes such as the Nativity 

A sculpture of the Nativity


Angel statue

And crosses

A cross

can be found throughout the many galleries in the Cathedral as well as a copy of Michaelangelo's "Creation of Adam" 

The Creation of Adam

And other original sculptures depicting scenes of nature.

Pachamama sculpture

The mine is still a working salt mine and you can take a tour to see parts of the actual mine (although you can't enter the working part) and mine your own salt.

Mining for salt

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