Monday, May 15, 2017

The hills around Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai from the hills

Chiang Mai is surrounded by many hills covered in small villages, temples and farmland.

Just outside of Chiang Mai is the temple of Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. It is easily reachable by the public red trucks or a tuk tuk. The temple is on the top of a hill outside Chiang Mai.

The stairs to the temple

The temple is similar to many in the region.

The temple

The altar at the temple

A pagoda

But with spectacular views over Chiang Mai.

The hills around Chiang Mai from the temple

Chiang Mai through the haze

Near the temple is the Huai Rap Sadet Waterfall and Nature trail. The waterfall itself is quite small (especially in the dry season) but the 1.5km nature trail gives a nice walk through the area.

The waterfall

The bottom of the waterfall

Chiang Mai from the nature trail

The hills from the nature trail

An orchid

Further afield the hills are covered in farmland.


Banana plantation

There are also caves in the surrounding hills.

A cave

And many small villages offering basic accommodation.

The accommodation for the night

Sunset from the village

As well as many forested areas with various animals.

Golden Orb spider


Tarantula out of her burrow

And waterfalls which were perfect for a cooling swim.

A swimming hole

Before the long trek back to Chiang Mai.

The trail back to Chiang Mai

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