Thursday, December 31, 2015

Entrevaux: A mediaeval fort


Entrevaux is a mediaeval town which once guarded the border between France and Italy. The mediaeval town is dominated by the citadel, perched high above the town, commanding views of the whole valley.

Entrevaux can be reached by taking a local scenic train from Nice. The train is a narrow gauge train which is not part of the normal train network in Nice, and as such the station is a little hard to find - tucked in behind the main station in Nice.

The scenery from the train is quite spectacular

The first thing you are greeted by in Entrevaux is the imposing town gate, complete with drawbridge.

The town gate

The gate leads into the narrow mediaeval streets which gives the town a feel that not much has changed here since then.

The narrow streets and a black cat: a witch perhaps?

The town has a pretty little church on the way to its main defensive gate: The Italian gate - so named because this gate was closest to the border with Italy.

Entrevaux Church
The Italian gate

The defensive Italian gate leads to the road that goes all the way to Italy - which is somewhat further these days. The road itself is a nice walk through olive groves and old farms.

The road to Italy
Another photo of the road
Mist rising over farmland
Olive groves

Overlooking this road and the town of Entrevaux is the imposing citadel which provides stunning views of the town and surroundings.

The Citadel itself is still being restored, so much of it is ruins, but the views make up for it.

Entrevaux from one of the forts
Entrevaux from the citadel
Another photo if Entrevaux from the citadel
The valley from the citadel

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