Friday, December 18, 2015

Granada: The Alhambra

Granada is a small city in the south of Spain that was one of the last cities to fall the the Christian reconquest in the 15th century.

As such it has fantastic examples of Arabic architecture - none more impressive the the Alhambra.

As well as the Alhambra, Granada offers many walks through the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

The 16km walk from Beas de Granada is particularly beautiful (albeit not particularly well signposted).

The Sierra Nevada foothills
Beas de Granada
Walking along the sheer cliffs

The trail is an old right of way for shepherds to bring their flocks from Beas de Granada to Granada - in fact it is still in use for this purpose.

Some trekking companions

The trail winds its way along cliffs and through olive groves until it finally reaches Granada near the Alhambra - offering beautiful views of the building.

The Alhambra at sunset
The Alhambra from the top of the trail

The other thing immediately apparent about Granada is the tradition of providing substantial free tapas with each drink. Although this happens in other parts of southern Spain but Granada takes it to a whole new level which makes eating out there very cheap (particularly if you've tucked into a huge 'menu' at lunch). After many drinks and filling up on free tapas - what better way to finish off the night than some flamenco!

Flamenco show in Granada
More flamenco

Granada is a truly interesting traditional town - very unlike the rest of the south (in fact, I found the accent extremely difficult to understand). It has a small town feel to it and, apart from the Alhambra, is relatively un-touristy. Definitely worth a visit! (Especially for the food!)

The Alhambra

Next and final stop in Spain: Barcelona....

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