Sunday, January 31, 2016

A walk around reserva ecológica costanera sur, Buenos Aires

The Buenos Aires reserve is a 3.5 square kilometre park close to the city on the banks of the river plata.

It consists of several lagoons, teeming with animals, navigated by many trails which are excellent for biking or jogging. There are also a large number of scenic picnic spots both by the lagoons and by the river.

I went on a sunny Saturday and it felt like most of Buenos Aires was either jogging, biking or picnicking in the reserve.

Camino de los lagartos
Puerto Madero from the Reserve
One of the lagoons

The trails follow along the lagoons until they eventually converge on the coast of the Rio Plata

The lagoon
Birds in the lagoon
Rio plata picnic ground
Coast of the Rio Plata

Sadly once I had walked to the coast, the walk down to the river was closed due to an over abundance of snakes. Things being closed due to dangerous animals is something I'd expect from Australia but not really here.

Basically - Don't go down, there are snakes

It turned out that the sign was accurate because a little further down the trail I met one of the critters contributing to the closure of the river walk.


Continuing along the trail I encountered several other animals, including a capybara which sadly did not hang around for a photo. However several other creatures were happy to pose.

Birdlife in the park
A black and white tegu
Another tegu hiding in the grass

The trail makes a grand circuit of 8 km back to the entrance of the park where there is a wide boulevard with many food trucks where you can replenish on grilled meat after a healthy walk around the park ;)

The lagoon from the boulevard outside the park - not a bad view while eating asado

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