Monday, January 18, 2016

The Dachau Memorial

The Dachau memorial is a memorial to the 41, 000 people who were murdered at the Dachau concentration camp. The camp is an important monument because, even though less people were murdered here than in the extermination camps, Dachau was the first concentration camp and a model camp for the whole system of forced labour under the Nazi regime.

The memorial can be reached by train from Munich and, although there is a bus, it is best to take the 30 minute walk of remembrance which traces the route prisoners took from the station to the camp.

The walk of remembrance

The walk is a sombre preparation for the memorial itself and begins to give you a feel of the horrible things that happened here.

The walk ends at the visitor centre where you can take a tour with one if the volunteer guides - after which you can go through the various museum and memorial displays.

The memorial makes for a harrowing day but it is essential that people visit these places to remind us that it is our responsibility to ensure that this never happens again.

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