Wednesday, February 3, 2016

La Bomba de tiempo, Buenos Aires

The Ciudad Cultural Konex

La bomba de tiempo is a weekly gig at the Ciudad Cultural Konex. The group is primarily percussion but other musicians join them on stage to add guitar, sax and even some jazz flute.

La bomba de tiempo with guitarist
La bomba de tiempo percussion

The music is energetic and the crowd atmosphere is amazing with a lot of dancing and cheering.

The gig lasts about 2 hours and costs $AR110. After the gig, the party continues up the street

The party continues
Dancing in the streets

Led by some of the percussionists the party winds through the city streets with people selling beer out of eskies to keep the party going - much to the annoyance of local motorists.

Not everyone likes the party

La bomba de tiempo is on every Monday and has become a bit of an institution which thankfully has not become too touristy. Locals and tourists alike converge in one big percussion fueled chaotic party.

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