Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lake Gutierrez, Barriloche

Lake Gutierrez

Lake Gutierrez is a short bus ride from Barriloche and is a popular place for locals to go to enjoy swimming or just relaxing on the beach. It is also close to several trail heads to Cerro Cathedral. Sadly, I didn't have time to trek all the way to Cerro Cathedral (a 20km round trip), so I had to be content with  the short 2 hour trek to Mirador Gutierrez.

Start of the trail

The trailhead is about 2km from lake Gutierrez beach and comes off the main road.

The first part of the trail is very flat and takes you to the pretty Duendes falls.

Duendes falls

The trail then becomes very steep as you climb up to the look out.

Cerro Cathedral from halfway up the trail
Lake Gutierrez from halfway

After a steep climb, the lookout offers panoramic views of Cerro Cathedral and lake Gutierrez.

Cerro Cathedral
The ski fields of Cerro Cathedral (sans snow)
Lake Gutierrez

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