Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tigre and the Buenos Aires delta

Tigre is a small town on the northern outskirts of Buenos Aires. It lies on Tigre river at the mouth of the Buenos Aires delta - and the river is an integral part of the city.

Getting to Tigre is a 45 minute train journey from Retiro on the Mitre line. There are two options - the direct train to Tigre or the Intercoastal train which leaves from Mitre station (take the Mitre line and change trains at Mitre). The Intercoastal is a much more scenic journey but much longer due to the train connection - leave at least an hour and a half.

Retiro station

The main attraction of Tigre are the river boats that travel throughout the delta. The boats take passengers all around the islands in the delta and also go as far as Montevideo in Uruguay. The river services multiple islands around the delta, acting as an essential "road" system.

Heading up the delta
Tigre from the river

There are many houses, kiosks, markets and bars all along the many waterways in the delta.

House on the river
Jetty leading to a bar
Another house on the river

As it was a hot day, there were people swimming and kayaking all along the river - there are several places in Tigre where you can hire kayaks, and it was unfortunate I did not have more time as kayaking seems to be the best way to explore the delta.

Kayaking on the river

Tigre is also known for its giant fruit market, unfortunately when I arrived many of the stalls were closed but the market is a huge complex - spreading several blocks around the port and the river.

Part of the fruit market

Many Argentinians own holiday homes in Tigre and I had been told that on weekends it becomes extremely busy with local tourists. However on a Monday it was a quiet sleepy town, where locals were relaxing in the parks by the ubiquitous river.

The river park where people relax

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