Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Palermo - A hipster haven in Buenos Aires

Palermo is a barrio in the North of Buenos Aires and, as with the North of Melbourne has become a bit of a hipster Mecca.

It contains foody restaurants, food trucks, markets, hidden bars an street art in its many narrow alleys.

Street art in Palermo
Palermo's laneways

On Sundays there is a small craft market in Plaza Serrano surrounded by the many bars and trendy cafes around the Plaza.

Sunday market in Plaza Serrano
A rooftop bar adorned with street art

To the North of Avenida Santa Fe, Palermo has a large parkland, including several lakes and a well manicured rose garden.

Monumento de los espa├▒oles
Galileo planetarium
A lake in the park
The rose garden
Plaza Italia

In addition to the restsurants, bars and extensive parkland, Palermo also has the local racetrack where the Buenos Aires market is held.

The Market is a new addition to Palermo's foody culture and consists of a series of food trucks and craft beer stalls. The quality of the food is excellent and for entertainment you can drop a few pesos on the races :).

Buenos Aires Market
Best craft beer in Buenos Aires!
The races

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