Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cerro Bandera, Puerto Williams

The Bandera
The Cerro Bandera trail is the first part of the Dientes de Navarino trail in Puerto Williams.

It's easily accessible from the town, with a short 40 min walk to the main road to the Aerodrome and Puerto Navarino. The trail starts along the road to the town water supply where the road splits at Plaza de la Virgen.
The Plaza de la Virgen
From the town water supply, the trail heads into the forest of Northofagus trees that are typical of the area.
The start of the trail
The path climbs steeply up the hill until it reaches the first of the lookouts. From here you can see Puerto Williams, the Beagle Channel and far in the distance, Ushuaia.
Puerto Williams
Looking up the Beagle Channel towards Ushuaia
From this lookout the trail becomes considerably steeper as it winds through further forest until you ascend past the treeline where there is a second lookout.
The Beagle Channel
Puerto Williams
The mountains
From here it's a very steep ascent to the flag at the top.
Steep trail to the top
The Bandera (flagpole) commands views across the valley to the Beagle Channel. 
The bandera with Puerto Williams and the Beagle Channel in the background
The trail continues up the mountain and from the H5 and H6 waypoints you can get beautiful views of the lagoons, mountains and river.
The mountains and lagoon

The lagoon
The mountains (aka Los Dientes)
The river at waypoint H6
The trail follows the side of the mountain and is very steep and difficult terrain. Sadly I had run out of time to continue and it had started to rain - so the prospect of more mountain trekking was impractical.
The steep and difficult trail along the mountain
Looking back to the bandera with the weather closing in
The Beagle Channel from waypoint H5 (before it started raining)

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