Saturday, March 5, 2016

Fitz Roy trail to Capri Lagoon, El Chalten

El Chalten

The trail to Capri Lagoon starts at the far northern end of El Chalten and begins with a steep climb up a ridge overlooking the town and the glacial valley.

Glacial valley
El Chalten from the ridge
Glacial valley from further up the ridge

The trail winds up the hill through forests of Myrtle and it is here you first glimpse the imposing Fitz Roy peak.

Fitz Roy peak through the trees

The trail then opens up and you are able to see the peak clearly.

Fitz Roy peak

The trail then leads down to the picturesque Capri Lagoon.

Capri Lagoon with Fitz Roy peak
Capri Lagoon looking South
Beach at Capri Lagoon

The trail then splits between continuing to the peak or heading to the lookout. As I only had a few hours, sadly I had to turn back to the lookout.

Fitz Roy glacier
Fitz Roy peak from the lookout
From the lookout
Another photo from the lookout
Fitz Roy peak looking up the valley

The trail then returns to El Chalten and the bus back to El Calafate from which I enjoyed sunset over the steppe.

Sunset over the steppe
Sunset near El Calafate

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