Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Laguna de los Témpanos, Ushuaia

The Lagunas de los Témpanos trail is a 8 hour return hike that climbs 1200m to a glacial lagoon.

The trail begins through farmland and peat bogs beside the river that runs from the glacier.

peat bogsPeat Bog

The river and the mountain
The trail continues along the river before beginning a very steep climb towards the top of the mountain.
Steep trail
As the trail continues to climb, you begin to see the top of the mountains through the trees.
The mountain from the trail
The sound of the glacial river becomes louder until finally the trail opens out revealing the glacial river.
And the very steep climb to the glacier and lagoon.
The trail up to the lagoon
Halfway up the trail

But once at the top you can see the lagoon and the glacier feeding it.
Laguna de los Témpanos and the glacier
The glacier also has an ice cave at the glacial face which allows you to climb under the glacier itself.
Ice cave
Inside the glacier
On the way back from the Laguna de los Témpanos there is a 40 minute side trail to Laguna Encanta. This lagoon is at a lower altitude and is not directly fed by the glacier, so it is not the brilliant turquoise blue. However, the lagoon is still picturesque, being surrounded by the mountain and mountain heath vegetation.
Encanta Lagoon

Mountain heath
The trail to Laguna Encanta is very steep and muddy and, although the lagoon itself was very beautiful, it was a relief to get back onto the dry downhill track home.
Trail down the mountain

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