Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Largo Argentino, El Calafate

Lake Argentino is the largest lake in Argentina and is fed by several glaciers such as Perito Moreno. It consists of several branches which reach up to the glacier faces. In these channels there are many icebergs that have formed from the calving of ice off the glacier faces.

Entrance of Brazo Norte (North branch)
Iceberg in Brazo Norte
Brazo Norte

Travelling up through the North branch of the lake brings the ferry to the Upsala channel. This channel leads to the largest (by surface area) glacier in the Los Glaciares national park. As the ferry gets closer to the glacier face, there are larger icebergs that fill the channel.

Icebergs in the Upsala channel
Larger iceberg
Another iceberg

The channel eventually leads to the Upsala glacier, however due to the amount of ice in the channel, it was impossible to get close to the glacial face.

Upsala glacier
A little closer to Upsala glacier

A little further south from Upsala glacier is the Brazo Spegazzini which leads to the Spegazzini glacier.

The branch first passes the smaller Secco glacier.

Secco glacier

The branch then leads on to the highest glacier in the park: Spegazzini.

Ice calving from Spegazzini glacier
Icebergs near Spegazzini glacier
Spegazzini glacier
Spegazzini glacier

From here the ferry returns back to port back through Brazo Norte.

Icebergs in Brazo Spegazzini
Lake Argentino

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